Tinder Rolls Out New Community Guidelines for Its Users


One thing that we can always trust when it comes to the most popular dating apps on the market is that they will always supply their users with the most up-to-date technology and terms that make online enjoyable and safe.

Have you ever been on a dating app when a little notification suddenly pops up and alerts you that there have been some changes made to the community guidelines? More likely than not, you’ve just accepted those changes and not given them a second thought.

But those changes are revolutionizing the dating app world; you might not know about it if you didn’t read the updated guidelines. But don’t worry; you don’t have to go back and read all the fine print. We’ve got you. Here are the updates that Tinder is rolling out on their platforms.

Tinder’s Community Guideline Update

On May 12, Tinder released a new update to the app’s Community Guidelines. This update is part of the new dating app renaissance that we’re seeing partly due to Gen Z’s efforts to make online dating authentic again.

In a recent study conducted by Tinder, the dating app found that Gen Z was somewhat dissatisfied with how dating apps were run and operated. People aren’t themselves when they’re online, and it causes a lot of confusion and creates a general mess.

Tinder heard Gen Z’s complaints and swiftly moved to update their guidelines to make their popular dating app not only a safe place for their young daters (Tinder has one of the youngest demographics of all dating apps, mainly appealing to users ages 18-25) but also to make dating authentic again.

Here are some highlights from Tinder’s new update.

No Tinder Bizz

Unlike some dating platforms, Tinder is all about helping its users find love and only love while they’re online. The app is cracking down on anyone who uses their bio to advertise their business. While Tinder has never been the place to network online, the customer support team knows that some people can slip under the radar and use the dating app to gain new followers or add interest to some of the products they’re selling. One of the significant drawbacks this section creates is that users are no longer allowed to share their social media accounts on the app, as that may inadvertently advertise their business.

Truth Matters

Because Tinder is used to the online dating game, the team that works at the app is no stranger to the lies that often pop up on their platform. Tinder will start monitoring people’s accounts to ensure that no third-party apps are interfering with anyone’s experience online or cheating Tinder’s codes in any way. While there’s no way to completely prevent any falsehood from happening online, the team at Tinder will start monitoring their user’s accounts and shutting down any false information.

Clear Boundaries

Everyone joins a dating app for a different reason. And while some users and relationships can surprise you while you’re online dating, you must keep your goals clear when you’re on Tinder. The app has several options for its users to clarify what kind of relationships they’re looking for when they’re online. This clarification can help end a conversation that might not be going anywhere and could waste both users’ time if they’re not on the same page.

One Account Per Person

Although Tinder is constantly stressing its progress towards inclusivity on the dating app, to conduct quality control properly, the app asks its users to stick to one account per person. While there are accounts dedicated to two users interested in a poly or open relationship, Tinder asks that users create separate accounts instead of joint accounts in these situations. And if one would like to clarify further what they’re looking for while on the dating app, users are reminded to reference the various Relationship Types they can choose from while they’re online.

A Step in the Direction of Authenticity

While none of the new guidelines that Tinder asks its users to adhere to are necessarily groundbreaking, the fact that the dating app company heard Gen Z’s complaint about the inauthenticity of dating apps and the way that these apps are set up and run speaks volumes about the way that Tinder cares about all of its users experience they have when they’re on the app.

Every dating app has a long list of Community guidelines that it employs its users to read through. And while the decision to read or not to read is entirely up to the individual, Tinder is not taking any of this lightly, and the community at the dating app’s headquarters is heading into a new and authentic stage of online dating.

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