Top 5 Funniest #DatingAppFails and How to Avoid Them


There is no doubt that dating apps have reshaped the way we connect with potential partners–online dating platforms provide a space for meeting tons of compatible singles with a single swipe. 

And while dating apps can boast about success stories, they are also responsible for an equal amount of funny, and let’s face it, cringe-worthy messages and meetups. 

We are going to tackle some of the funniest #DatingAppFails that will hopefully make you laugh, cringe with second-hand embarrassment because lord, you have been there and done that, and more importantly, offer a few tips on how to avoid these dating app fails. 

Dating App Fail #1 – The Ghosting Nightmare

Ghosting—a term synonymous with magic disappearing acts only you aren’t trying to date a magician. 

You hit it off with someone on a dating app, exchange messages, and think you’re building a connection, only to have them suddenly vanish into thin air. It’s frustrating and often leaves you questioning WTH happened? 

To avoid this dating app fail, try to establish genuine connections and focus on meaningful conversations rather than surface-level interactions. It’s essential to set clear expectations and communicate openly about your intentions, ensuring both parties are on the same page. And even then, you could get ghosted or you may ghost someone–it happens to the best (and worst) of use.

Dating App Fail #2 – The Awkward Profile Picture Surprise

Have you ever matched with someone on a dating app and they were smokin’ hot but when you met up with them you wonder if you’d been half-catfished? For example, he was wearing a hat in his profile pic and his other images were cropped at his forehead (he has full hair on the sides) When you arrive at your date, this man is bald, which is fine! Male-pattern baldness is nothing to be ashamed of! But when you fool people into thinking you have a full head of hair, that’s not ideal. That’s a half-catfish.

Women do it too–we aren’t off the hook when it comes to the half-catfish, no, ma’am! We know our best angles so we appear thinner than we are, some of us are filter abusers, and then there are those who use images from 10 years ago when they looked completely different.

Frankly, it’s a bit of a shock when you meet someone who looks absolutely nothing like their profile picture. While this can sometimes be humorous, it’s mostly awkward–we all were taught not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s hard to do when looking for love. 

It’s disappointing, to say the least, and a little messed up to do to another person. Don’t do this–make sure your profile picture is accurate and up-to-date and you won’t shock anyone potential partners when you meet them in person. 

Dating App Fail #3 – The Misleading Bio

Creativity and humor always catch people’s attention in the over-populated world of dating apps. With that being said, some people (ahem, ostentatious braggers) take it way too far and write some truly outlandish and unbelievable profiles that border on criminal and will lead to awkward first-date meetups. 

We aren’t talking about slightly exaggerated achievements or fake interests to impress a potential match, like saying you are into hiking when you’ve only been twice–we are talking about outright lies. 

Don’t lie on your dating profile; it’s as simple as that. Show off your real interests, personality, and dating goals; honesty is the building block for a strong foundation with potential matches. It’s so much better to attract someone who knows the real you rather than someone who is drawn to the fake version of you–and it will be impossible to keep up the charade for long. 

Dating App Fail #4 – The Unintended Comedy Show

Text-based communication can often lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Sometimes, what was intended as a joke ends up as a punchline gone wrong, to avoid becoming the one-man or woman stand-up act of an unintended comedy show, ensure your humor is 1) funny and 2) translates well through text. 

Avoid sarcasm or jokes that heavily rely on voice inflection or body language. Instead, go with light-hearted humor that most people can understand–in other words, dumb it down. And if you’re unsure about someone’s attempt at humor or what they meant, don’t be afraid to ask what they meant so you can avoid any unnecessary awkwardness or hurt feelings.

Dating App Fail #5 – The Embarrassing Auto-Correct Mishap

I’ve said it before and’ll say it again–auto-correct it CURSED. Do you know how many times I’ve meant to say “duck” instead of the f-word? ZERO TIMES, that’s how many. I have never typed the word duck, and every single time, it auto-corrects to the adorable little quacking swimmers. Could auto-correct be trying to cut back on my cuss words? Maybe. But that is not the point; it changes the most random words without your permission. 

We’ve all heard stories of people sending embarrassing or downright hilarious messages due to auto-correct overriding your language skills. Imagine trying to impress someone with a witty response only to have it completely butchered by auto-correct, leaving you spluttering and having to type a follow-up explaining the typo. 

To avoid this dating app failure, take the time to proofread your messages before clicking on that send button. Double-check that your words convey what you mean and haven’t been unintentionally altered by auto-correct. 

If you do find yourself in a situation where auto-correct has messed up your mojo, you can acknowledge you ducked up–it can be turned around into a funny icebreaker and could be a “how you met” story you tell after you’ve been coupled up for a while. 

Tips for Avoiding #DatingApp Fails

laughing emoji

Use Humor Mindfully

Humor is a great way to connect with others, but it can often be misinterpreted in dating app DMs. Use light, easily understood humor, and avoid heavy sarcasm or jokes that rely heavily on tone or body language. 

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Always Proofread Your Messages

Take time to re-read your messages before hitting the send button. Check for any auto-correct snafus or unintended errors that could lead to awkward or confusing messages–proofreading your messages means your texts will always say what you want them to say!


By sticking to these tips, you can glide through the world of dating apps more confidently, lessen these awkward encounters, and boost the likelihood of connecting with compatible partners. Remember, being real, open, and honest in your messages and on your dating profile, and a smattering of humor can go a long way in making meaningful connections while avoiding the funniest #DatingAppFails.

Dating apps, without a doubt, produce a bountiful harvest of hilarious stories–there is a reason there are pages and pages dedicated to the funniest #DatingAppFails.

With these extra tips, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the realm of dating app fails and ensure your interactions remain funny but not in an “I didn’t mean to be funny” way.

So swipe and scroll away with a smile and good intentions, all while being confident you’ve got the 411 on how to recover from a #DatingAppFail if it happens to you!

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