Storytelling and Relationships | Sharing Authentic Experiences to Build Connection


Do you want to hear a scary story? Joking! It’s not spooky, we just wanted to get your full attention. And now that we have it, this isn’t just any story–it’s a tale about how sharing stories can help you and your potential partner or significant other build a better connection.

And these aren’t just any old stories but the ones we tell each other in our romantic relationships. You know, the tales about that embarrassing thing you did in high school or the heartwarming story about your grandma’s cooking. These stories do more than just pass the time; they’re like bridges, connecting us in more ways than we realize. Let’s take a closer look at how and why storytelling and relationships go hand in hand!

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Why Stories Matter in Relationships

Think about it for a quick second; when you meet someone new, what do you do? You swap stories with each other—it’s how we relate to other people and make bonds. And it’s not just idle chit-chat or small talk, which are reserved for strangers or mere acquaintances. We tell stories to give others a sense of who we are and what makes us, well, us.  

Recounting these tales allows people to see a clearer, more vivid picture of who you really are. And guess what? It works both ways. Spin a yarn for someone, and they’ll reciprocate with their own. It’s how we relate to one another in both friendships and romantic relationships.

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Sharing is Caring

Now, let’s hone in on why storytelling is such a big deal for building a strong connection with your romantic partner. When you tell a story, you’re not just saying random words; you’re conveying emotions, experiences, and a little part of yourself. This recounting is the glue in all relationships—it’s how you progress from just knowing a few things about someone to really seeing them for who they are.

Throughout history, wanting to share is a way to connect: movies, theater, TV, book clubs, and religious text study are ways we experience stories with others, helping us to feel connected and build friendships. And guess what? Storytelling is more than just a way to bond—it’s actually an attractive skill, according to science.

Research has shown that good storytelling can boost perceived attractiveness, particularly in men. A study in the Journal of Personal Relationships involving over 300 participants found that men who excelled at storytelling were often viewed as more attractive by women. These men were also perceived as potential leaders and socially skilled. The study used a mix of clear, engaging stories and ones that were more disjointed and rambling. 

Interestingly, the storytelling abilities of women didn’t have a similar impact on men’s perception of their attractiveness (that’s kinda messed up).

This might suggest that women value storytelling in men as it indicates strong communication skills and the ability to connect with others. “The link between storytelling and leadership qualities could also imply that men who tell good stories are seen as more capable of providing resources or influence,” states the study.

Stories Can Mend Fences and Build Connection

In an article by the Wall Street Journal about this research, relationship expert Anna Osborn advises couples to use storytelling as a way to mend relationships. She proposes that when facing a disagreement, each person should narrate their side of the issue separately. Then, they should collaborate to merge these individual accounts into a combined story. This technique is designed to build resilience, create empathy and lead to common understanding.

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Here’s what else it can do:

  • Builds Trust: Sharing personal stories takes guts— when you open up, you’re putting a lot of trust in your partner. And when they listen and respond with empathy, it builds trust in return, and reciprocal trust is the building block of any strong relationship.
  • Emotions, Emotions: Ever heard a story that made you laugh, cry, was inspiring, or even gave you goosebumps? Stories stir up emotions. Sharing emotional experiences brings a certain strength to your relationship that just can’t be reached through superficial chats.
  • Seeing Different Perspectives: Each of us sees the world a little bit differently. When you share your stories, you give your partner a look into your world. This helps both of you understand each other’s perspectives and build a more empathetic bond.
  • Creates Shared Stories: As you share stories and make new ones together, you are building a shared history. This history becomes your special narrative, something that belongs only to the two of you.


Put the ‘Fun’ in Funny Stories

We all have those embarrassing in-the-moment incidents that made us go red in the face, but when we look back, they’re actually so hilarious we can’t get through the story without laughing. Telling these sometimes humiliating but funny stories is a great ice-breaker. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’re okay with a bit of self-deprecating humor. You’re communicating that you’re a human being when you say, “One time I tossed my purse into the toilet at a nightclub when I was aiming for the shelf behind it” (yes, this really happened to me).

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Bonding Over Blunders

Ever shared a story about a serious mistake you made, say at your job, or a blunder that puts you in an unflattering light? It’s kinda nerve-wracking, yes? You are telling them this thing you did because you want them to know the real you, but you are wondering if this particular story might make them think less of you. So, while it’s a bit frightening, it’s also a super powerful way to bond. It shows vulnerability and trust. When you share your less-than-perfect or even bad moments, and your partner supports you and still loves you, it adds to an unbreakable connection.

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Stories of Success

Who doesn’t love a great underdog story or a tale of triumph? When you share your wins, no matter how momentous or minor, it gives your partner a chance to cheer you on! And this is a two-way street—you get to be each other’s cheerleaders, which is a win-win.

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Walk Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia is a really powerful thing. When you share stories from your past, like childhood memories or teenage adventures, it allows your partner to see an entirely different side of you—one that will endear you to them.

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Dreams and Goals

Ever share what you dreamed of becoming as a kid? Or your big plans for the future? These stories are not just about wishes; they’re about hopes and ambitions. Sharing them can be really inspiring and motivating for both of you, even if you didn’t become a fireman or an astronaut.

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Learning Through Stories

Every story has a moral—sometimes, sharing a story from your past can be a gentle nudge or a subtle way of giving advice without sounding too preachy. It’s like saying, “Here’s what I learned from this experience, maybe it can help you too.”

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Culture and Background

Stories are a window into our background and culture, and sharing tales about your family traditions or cultural practices can be a great learning experience for your partner and can heighten understanding and respect in the relationship.

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The ‘Aww’ Factor

We can’t forget about the heartwarming stories. These are the ones about your family, your first pet, or a kind act someone did for you. These stories tug at the heartstrings and can create a better and stronger emotional connection.

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Making New Stories Together

Now, this is the fun part. As you spend time together, you start creating your own stories. These become “our” stories, unique to your relationship. They can be about anything—trips, inside jokes, or even the tougher times you faced together.

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Listen Up

Here’s a pro tip—be a good active listener. When your partner shares a story, listen. I mean, really listen. It shows you care about what they’re saying, and that’s a big deal.

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Tell Me More!

Encourage your partner to share their stories! Ask questions. Show interest. By doing this, you are communicating that “your stories matter to me because you matter to me.”


Ultimately, the importance of sharing stories goes beyond just mere entertainment or a way to learn more about the world around you; they’re how we build connections. While physical attraction might kickstart a first date, long-term relationships need more substance to make it work. Sharing stories that make a person’s history come alive can ignite the spark that fires up love.

And storytelling in established romantic relationships isn’t just about killing a few hours here and there; it’s about building something bigger. So next time you’re spending quality time with your partner, swap a story or two. You might be surprised at both the story and how much closer it brings you together.

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