Beyond the Superficial | Why Emotional Intimacy is the Key to Thriving Relationships


Today’s relationship topic is one that is a super important and incredibly impactful subject for all of us in our romantic partnerships: yup, emotional intimacy.

If you aren’t sure what it is, allow us to break it down into the simplest terms—it’s the core of our closest bonds, particularly the romantic ones. And it’s not just important for those early days of getting to know each other! It sticks around as a main component even years down the line. 

Grasping its importance is fundamental to developing deep, fulfilling romantic relationships. Want to know more about this and how it all comes together to keep you and your significant other together? Read on, and we’ll tell you all about why emotional intimacy is so important!

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What Exactly Is Emotional Intimacy?

First off, let’s define what emotional intimacy actually is. It’s that cozy, secure sensation you have when you’re able to share your innermost thoughts, fears, and dreams with someone, and they understand—basically, they get you. It’s about feeling safe, valued, and connected on a much deeper level beyond just casual conversations and interactions.

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Why It’s So Important

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal about emotional intimacy?” Well, here’s the easiest way to answer that question: it forms the base of any meaningful romantic relationship. 

You move beyond general, surface-level discussions to convos that really matter to both you and your partner. It creates and continuously builds an increased amount of trust, demonstrates mutual respect, and bolsters an environment where both partners can be their authentic selves—no matter how eccentric or unusual.

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The Foundations of Emotional Intimacy

Now, let’s dissect emotional intimacy into its basic, essential components:

  • Communication: The star player of emotional intimacy is undoubtedly communication. It’s not merely about speaking to one another—it’s how you do it. It involves expressing your emotions candidly and listening to your partner attentively and without judgment.
  • Trust and Vulnerability: Consider trust as the soil and vulnerability as the fertilizer needed for growth. Both are essential for deepening your connection. It means being open and showing your true self—flaws and all—and having zero doubts that your partner will accept and adore every single part of you.
  • Acceptance: This is about welcoming each other’s peculiarities and differences—your relationship will be a zone totally free from judgment where love is based on who you really are, not an “expected” version of you, whatever that means.
  • Quality Time: We’re not just referring to casual hangouts. This means genuinely engaging with each other, being in the moment and present, beyond just sitting next to each other and doing a repeat binge-watch of Game of Thrones (although that’s a really good time).

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When Challenges Arise

LOL, did you assume this journey would be easy? Aw, that’s sweet! 

And while it might be for some, achieving emotional intimacy commonly comes with its hurdles. For those who’ve experienced hurt in past relationships, putting up defenses is a natural reaction to avoid further pain. And for others, the fear of rejection looms large. 

The answer to leaping over these hurdles is to recognize and tackle these challenges head-on, working as a united front to overcome any barriers that present themselves so you can strengthen your bond.

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Increasing Emotional Intimacy

Want to rev up your emotional intimacy? Here are some expert suggestions from us to you:

  • Scheduled Check-Ins: Make time to really catch up on each other’s lives. If marking it on your calendar helps, do it! And we mean an in-depth catch-up, not just a brief overview of your day.
  • Shared Adventures: Build lasting memories together! Experiment with a new hobby, plan a weekend getaway, or take off on a dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on! Or, if you’re both DIY enthusiasts, tackle a project together, like refurbishing a table you rescued from a flea market.
  • Acts of Kindness: Often, it’s the little gestures that mean the most. A loving note, a considerate action—these moments gradually strengthen intimacy.
  • Continuous Conversation: Keep discovering new things about each other, even in a long-standing relationship. People evolve, offering so many opportunities to keep learning more about one another.

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Nurturing Emotional Intimacy

Maintaining emotional intimacy with your significant other is akin to caring for a garden. It requires regular watering, plenty of sunlight, protection during bad weather, and occasionally, you need to get down and dirty with some weeding. By keeping the communication lines open, continually sharing and listening, and dedicating time to one another, your relationship will thrive (yes, you’re the metaphorical flowers in the garden here).


Emotional intimacy is never gonna be a quick thing that just “clicks”—it’s a gradual process that will not happen instantaneously! If it does happen overnight, you are indeed a rare couple, and congrats to you both! 

For the rest of us, emotional intimacy is a continuous quest that calls for sharing and growing as a team. It’s about creating a connection that’s as solid during the quiet moments as it is during the fun ones. The strongest, most enduring romantic relationships are forged and built on a super solid foundation of emotional intimacy.

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