Rules for Dating (And Marrying) A Mega-Wealthy Woman


Let’s be honest; when people think of someone dating a wealthy woman, they automatically think gold digger, and that’s their right. But honestly, is there anything wrong with securing your financial future? 

For example, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or a female, but if you make a high yearly salary, don’t you want your potential partner to do the same? Even though most don’t care to admit it, marriage and relationships are contracts. 

Of course, you want love in your relationship, but it’s equally important to be comfortable knowing you and your future children will not struggle financially. So, does salary matter when dating? We’d have to say yes! 

We’ll even state that it matters unequivocally, and dating someone who earns as much, if not more than you, should be an acceptable preference—even for the mega-rich. 

If you think this sounds like something from the 1940s, understand that many of today’s online dating apps cater to those looking to meet people in the one percent category. If this sounds like you, the following are a few rules for dating and marrying an ultra-wealthy person.

Get Ready to Sign a Non-disclosure Agreement

Remember when we said that marriage and relationships were contracts? Well, this is what we meant. Many wealthy people that go through a dating agency require all potential matches to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) before meeting anyone. 

This allows them to share more about themselves when on a date. Also, when a couple enters the “we’re about to get engaged” stage, we’d like to offer our congratulations!!! But also know that it’s time for the prenup talks. 

Keep Your Personal Life Intact

When we get into a relationship, regardless of status, we immerse ourselves into their world and sometimes lose what we hold dear. 

But, the best relationships are between two people with their own thing going, so they don’t depend solely on one another for their happiness. This way, when they come together, they can have a better time than if they were constantly hanging out all day, every day. 

Before even meeting a dating prospect, you should already have a happy life from within. Continue focusing on your work or business, your friendships, your relationship with your family, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.   

You’ll Likely Need to Be Discreet

Most people prefer being discreet in their relationships, and some of the most affluent individuals value privacy more than anything, especially when meeting and dating someone. They tend to maintain a specific lifestyle that keeps them from drawing too much attention and allows them to blend in with others. 

For this reason, you’ll need to be discreet. So, you should stay off social media for a while and not flaunt the lifestyle their money affords you. 

And who wouldn’t want to post relaxing on a yacht, or while on a first-class flight to Paris? But that’s what you’re going to have to do. 

It sounds simple enough, but going dark on all social media platforms can be difficult for some folks who engage in some form of social media every day. 

If you’re an open book and can’t live without posting to the masses, a relationship with these VIPs isn’t right for you. 

How to Attract & Date a Wealthy Woman

When we think about attracting a wealthy person, people think of a woman attracting an affluent guy. But the number of men looking for rich women has increased. In some instances, it’s not even about a guy searching for a cougar and wanting to be taken care of financially, although that’s still very popular.

Wealthy men typically search for their female counterparts for three main reasons including:

  1. They want a woman with good financial standing who can help their business
  2. They don’t want to worry about a partner just being in the relationship for their assets
  3. More financial security

But it may be challenging to attract her if your finances aren’t as up to par as hers. This doesn’t imply you are unworthy of her time, but it’s well-known that some males lack the interpersonal skills to successfully interact with strong, affluent, and influential women.

However, locating wealthy women is not the challenging part. But attracting and flirting with them is a different issue. If you’re a guy searching for wealthy ladies, the following advice can help you.

1. Don’t Attempt to Impress with Material Things

She isn’t relying on you for her shopping trips and other daily requirements. Most likely, she has a successful career or business, so she doesn’t need your money anyway, so stop pretending you can afford expensive gifts. A woman with money prefers sentimental and heartfelt gifts, so keep that in mind next time you want to surprise her. 

Don’t brag about your brands because that often doesn’t impress people. Of course, you should keep a presentable look, but don’t boast about your purchases since she likely won’t care.

2. Speak Intelligently

Wealthy women tend to look for intelligence and status. They want to date and communicate with people who are “on their level.” 

Think before speaking or giving advice. Often we just blurt out what’s on our minds without considering what we’re saying. It also helps if you read a few classics or self-help books to improve your conversational skills and become more well-rounded. 

Women are often impressed with intelligence. No one wants to hear anyone else talk about negative and uneducated topics, so use common sense and research current events. Doing so will ensure you have something thoughtful to add to the conversation. 

3. Dress to Impress

One characteristic distinguishing a wealthy woman from the crowd is her excellent taste in fashion. If she lacks fashion sense, she can always pay someone to have it for her, so most times, she’s dressed to impress. 

Wealthy women don’t necessarily care about a guy’s money (or lack thereof). Instead, they’re attracted to guys who dress sharply and wear matching footwear. Therefore, you should appear well-groomed and tidy if you wish to impress her. 

Please don’t misunderstand; you don’t need to wear a designer suit, but you should demonstrate to her that you have clean and neat clothing. Additionally, take care of yourself and keep yourself well-groomed.

4. Remain Self-Assured

Dating a wealthy woman can be intimidating if you let it. So remember to exude self-assurance and not feel threatened by her beauty, houses, cars, clothing, or anything else. Just because you don’t have those things doesn’t mean you’re less of a person. 

One primary character trait that wealthy women find most attractive is self-confidence. Even if she doesn’t agree with some of the things you say or do, you should speak your mind. If anything, she’ll respect that you are your own person and don’t go along with the crowd to simply get along and avoid conflict. 

It’s important to note that self-confidence and cocky are two different things. Always remain humble since some affluent women don’t prefer overly proud people. This is one reason they don’t date some men in their financial class. 

5. Praise Her Personality

Wealthy women generally understand and appreciate their outer beauty because they likely hear it constantly. 

The majority of guys out there already do that for her. These women are conscious of their stylish attire and material items like their vehicles or jewelry. Because of this, avoid praising their sense of style and beauty and focus on other attributes. 

Instead, if you want to stand out, praise her for her character traits. Congratulate her on her brilliance in attaining a lucrative business. Compliment her sense of humor or wit. She’ll see you’re not just some awkward guy only interested in her cash. 

6. Remain Self-Sufficient

Never ask for a job or a handout, whether financial or otherwise. Never inquire about her connections and contacts, even if you know she has excellent ones. 

One major error most men make is that as soon as they find out she’s wealthy and into them, they start calculating what they will buy and how much assistance they will ask for to aid their fledgling business. They begin calculating the cost to start a T-shirt company or some other venture they recently considered.

Even if she offers you financial assistance, act like you don’t want or need it right now. She’ll probably insist later on, and that’s fine to accept, but you don’t want to take her money right out of the gate. 

Also, never ask her for a favor of any sort. You want to show her you’re self-sufficient and can still pull your weight. And when you go out, pay the bill. Just because she has money doesn’t mean you should disappear to the men’s room every time the check comes. 

Learn to Be Flexible

If you’re dating a wealthy person or are looking to date one, it’s essential to understand that most lead complex lives. They may be dealing with difficult financial issues, divorces, stressful business ventures, complicated relationships with family, and just a ton of drama in general. 

Most people picture dating someone wealthy as jet-setting from coast-to-coast and spending obscene amounts of money in lavish stores. While that can be true sometimes, that’s only one part of the relationship.

Be ready for some last-minute schedule changes and canceled plans. You’ll need a trusted inner social to vent to and plenty of compassion and understanding to endure the constant rough patches in your relationship. 

Remain Grounded No Matter What

Don’t fool yourself; high-profile individuals can spot a disingenuous date in 2.5 seconds. So, keep the focus on the relationship and off the newfound perks of your current dating experience. 

When your date flies you in their private jet or introduces you to a celebrity acquaintance, don’t scream, freak out or ask for their autograph. You’re living a different lifestyle now, so act like it. 

Acting star-struck is not a good look and isn’t attractive. What is attractive is when you keep cool and act like you belong in this new lifestyle because why wouldn’t you belong? 

Keeping your mind clear and focused on the relationship instead of the perks helps you decide whether or not the relationship is right for you. 

Be Accomplished in your Own Right

We’re not saying you must have a gazillion dollars stashed away in your bank account. But it would help if you had something you created on your own, like a side hustle or a career you’re proud of. It can also be a personal goal that you have achieved. 

For example, many people have a steady nine-to-five job that pays the bills. But then they also have a lucrative side gig as a freelance writer or a successful candle maker that they sell online. 

Again, the side hustle doesn’t need to net you a million dollars per year, but it should be something you love doing that provides extra cash in your pockets. 

This shows that you have motivation and interests and aren’t just stereotypically lying around while eating bon bons waiting for the next rich person to come along and whisk you away to their grand castle in the sky. 

You aren’t looking for a partner based solely on their wealth. You’ve got your own thing going. A partner with money is only a bonus to your already fulfilling life. 

Plus, thinking with a positive mindset and having big goals to make things happen for yourself is attractive and will entice the same type of person. 

Put a Prenuptial Agreement in Place

Sadly, not all marriages will last, and sometimes divorce comes at a hefty financial cost–especially when dealing with a VIP. You’ll have to deal with lawyer fees, which you may be able to avoid via collaboration or mediation on a divorce agreement. This is where a prenup comes into play.

When you have a prenuptial agreement, it can protect you if you decide on divorce. It can help prevent a divorce by enforcing joint investments that preserve and strengthen your marriage. 

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to want to date someone with excellent financial means, but you don’t want that to be your only requirement in a potential mate. All relationships come with some drama, including ones with the mega-wealthy. 

The best thing to do is to concentrate on yourself first. Only when you have everything in your life in order–including your happiness–should you pursue a potential partner, mega-wealthy or otherwise. Good luck!

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