Dating Resolutions for 2024 | Goals for a Fulfilling Love Life


We are inches into 2024, and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably settled on a few New Year’s resolutions to kick off a brand new you. It’s clean slate time, people! New year, new you, and all of that.

Maybe you’ve decided you’re going to work out more, cut back on your alcohol intake or cut out processed sugar. And whatever you choose to change, we wish you the best of luck!

When declaring your intentions for a new start, don’t forget about a really important area of your life—your romantic one. There are no rules with these commitments! You can make them up out of thin air, and we think making dating resolutions for 2024 is a great way to get to your goals for a fulfilling love life.

All we are saying is don’t just focus on the outside when it comes to the promises you make to yourself—remember to tend to your personal and romantic needs, too! No matter your relationship status, whether you’re single, casually dating, or in a newish relationship, setting thoughtful intentions can lead to better and more genuine connections. Let’s talk about some very realistic and doable dating resolutions!

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Focus on Self-Love and Self-Care

Okay, so there are times when we have all felt drained and disillusioned from a streak of dull or downright awful dates, right? Right. 

This year, work on trying to shift your focus inward. Instead of dwelling on things that didn’t work out, work on yourself! You can start journaling if that’s your thing, concentrate on your fav hobbies or activities, or just spend some quality time with yourself. 

Practicing self-care and loving yourself is so much more than just feeling good; it’s about recognizing your own value and what you bring to the table, which is like a magnet when it comes to attracting others.

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Welcome New Experiences

Remember the first time you tried a new cuisine and it knocked your socks off? Bring that same energy to your dating life. Try not to be a super picky dater—just like you are open to trying new foods, start saying “yes” more than “no.” And not just with potential matches on dating apps—branch out socially too if you can! 

Say “yes” to different social events even when you feel like staying in, sign up for a new dating app (it’s not illegal to be on more than one, FYI), or pick up a new hobby that introduces you to new people. When you stop to think about it, love can happen in the most unexpected places.

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Communicate Openly and Kindly

We all have experienced misunderstandings in our lives, and some of them could have been avoided with clear and open communication. 

So in 2024, try to be more open about your feelings, needs, and boundaries. Good communication is crucial for building trust and understanding between people, essential elements in any healthy relationship—romantic or platonic.

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Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is scary, especially if you’ve been hurt before! But if you don’t let your walls down to let others in, you are building an impenetrable fortress around yourself. That sounds good in theory, say if you were under attack from enemy forces, but this is love, not war! 

Remember the times when being vulnerable brought you closer to someone. This year, muster up the courage to show your true self, unfiltered and real. It’s in these moments of vulnerability that we tend to find the best and most meaningful connections.

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Learn from Your Past Relationships

Every single past romantic relationship, regardless of its outcome, has valuable lessons to offer, even if you can’t see it in the moment. So reflect on what made you happy, what hurt you, and what could have been done differently. 

Although introspection can be hard, it’s undoubtedly a powerful tool for personal growth and for learning going forward.

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Set Realistic Expectations

We all know the feeling of seeing a trailer for a movie and being stoked to see it. But when you actually see the movie, it’s a bit of a letdown compared to your expectations from the preview! Yes, it was still good, but you were expecting it to be better

Apply this logic to relationships, as they can be similar, full of unexpected ups and, unfortunately, downs. Acknowledge and accept that perfection is a fairy tale, and that some of the low or less-than-perfect moments will happen, but it doesn’t take away from the overall relationship.

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Be Patient

Just like waiting for the return of your favorite TV show (please, Showtime, hurry up with the next season of Yellowjackets, I am begging you), most good things take time. 

Practice patience with the dating process and with yourself! Think of every date you go on as a small step toward your dating goals, not just about getting to the desired final destination.

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Have Fun

Dating is supposed to be fun! It’s meant to be enjoyable, not some chore that you have to do. We know it can be a slog, especially if you aren’t clicking with anyone who is compatible, but try to get some enjoyment out of meeting new people. 

Even if you don’t connect on a romantic level, you could meet a friend whose company you enjoy, so go into every date with an open mind. And if the date is horrible, you don’t have to stay and force it. That’s not fun and you can Irish exit if that happens.

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Keep an Open Mind About Potential Partners

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a friend who became more than you initially thought? This year, let’s throw those carefully curated checklists right in the garbage and be more open to new possibilities. 

Don’t just focus on your deal breakers and try to be flexible—sometimes, the right person is not who we first imagine them to be, but they turn out to be who we need.

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Stay True to You

And here’s our final dating resolution. Even though we encourage you to be more open and take chances, don’t ever compromise your core beliefs and values for a romantic relationship. 

The right person will respect and love you for who you really are!


As you venture into 2024, bringing these dating resolutions with you can clear out the cobwebs and make room for a new year filled with love, personal growth, and happiness in our romantic lives. 

Cheers to a year of real connections and a little self-discovery in our dating lives!

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