30-Day Online Dating Challenge


When it comes to reaching our goals, we have to take action one step at a time. Other than the time when we all set New Year’s Resolutions, it can be difficult to remember to focus on achieving those goals and taking those steps.

We always have more time and can assume that there are more important, pressing matters to attend to. In order to keep our focus, one effective tool we can implement is a 30-Day Dating Challenge!

30 Days

It’s commonly thought that it takes approximately 30 days to form a new habit. If that line of thinking proves itself to be correct, if we take the same action every day for a month, we’ll likely keep up with it.

That’s how habits are formed according to the data. This is a helpful nugget of information, but what if we want to take on a whole category instead of one tiny action? What if we want to chase a larger goal than just implementing one new habit? 

We can stay focused on implementing our goals step by step with a 30-day dating challenge that involves multiple actions. Each action will be a step that helps to form your mindset and overall activeness in the pursuit of a goal. Each day will help create the new version of you that you want to be. 

30 days is the ideal amount of time because it presents us with a formidable challenge without lasting so long that we’re bound to lose interest. Human psychology responds to a 30-day segment of time well. We can take advantage of this and set this type of challenge for ourselves so we can improve in any aspect of our lives – including finding success in online dating!

Your 30-Day Online Dating Challenge

Online dating can be taxing on one’s confidence and positive outlook. You inevitably have to go through many prospective dates to find the match you’re looking for – there’s simply no way around it.

And even when you fish a high-quality, compatible sweetheart out of the online dating pool, it may still not be what you’re looking for. And then you have to dive back in after seeing a potentially discouraging result. 

To combat this, you need to change your frame of mind in accordance with online dating. Mixing up your approach can keep the process fresh and get you more positive results. And once you see more positive results, you’re likely to feel more positive about your online dating experience.

When you feel good and hopeful about what you’re doing, you’re more likely to put the work in, which will get you even more positive results. You’ll be on the fast track to success because the online dating process works when you work it!

So are you going to find your soulmate in 30 days if you take on this dating challenge? Probably not. Again, the online dating process takes time, as well as trial and error. Still, you’ll benefit immensely from taking on and completing a 30-day online dating challenge.

Over this dating challenge, you’ll be able to help rid yourself of rules that are stifling your success. You can break old patterns that aren’t serving you in the online dating world. Your expectations will be made more realistic.

You’ll be more readily able to bounce back from rejection and more likely to take calculated risks. Putting your most genuine, authentic self out there in a vulnerable way will become more like second nature to you than something you fear doing.

You will start to see more positive results and find more success, which will encourage you to keep going after the 30-day dating challenge is up!

Creating Your 30-Day Online Dating Challenge

So while we don’t want to stick to just one action for the whole 30 days, you can pick and choose what you want to do with the ideas we’ll present here. Some activities you should do every day.

For other actions, doing them once within the 30 days will suffice. Others, you can spread out and do on days 1, 10, 20, and 30, for example. The point is to sit down with a list and number your days from 1 to 30. Then, write down the actions you’ll take for each of those days.

Create a concrete plan, and stick to it! The organization is vital to creating your dating challenge. 

With that being said, ensure you’re setting reasonable expectations for yourself. If you pile too much on one day, you may not be able to pull it off. That’ll be discouraging and is liable to throw your efforts off course.

While you can always shift some tasks to the next day, if you do it enough, you’ll leave yourself with an insurmountable amount of effort. This is meant to be challenging – not unreasonably difficult! 

So go easy on yourself. You don’t need to incorporate every idea here – choose what works for you! Focus on tasks that may feel a bit uncomfortable for you, but you know it will benefit you in the long run.

Branch out of your comfort zone, set your 30-day dating challenge schedule, and get ready to find more success in your online dating life!

The Benefits of a 30-Day Online Dating Challenge

There are more specific benefits to taking on a 30-day online dating challenge than just finding general success. Creating your plan takes some time and effort, so understanding the benefits can help motivate you to put in the work it takes to make one that’s going to be effective for you.

Let’s go through some of the benefits that creating and completing this type of dating challenge will bring to your life!

You Can Have Fun Reaching Your Goal

You want to find success in online dating, but you also want to enjoy the journey it takes to get to that point. This type of challenge allows you to compete against your old self, feeling a sense of victory every day and with every action you complete.

If you want to make online dating fun when it can be daunting, repetitive, or discouraging, this is a great way to divert your attention and focus on the fun, positive aspects this process can bring to your life. 

You Can Prove to Yourself What You’re Capable Of

When you set a goal and intentionally reach it in real time, it causes your confidence to spike! You’ll have a complete understanding of what you’re capable of when you put your mind to it.

You’ll have proof that you can reach your goals when you decide to. Not to mention, you’ll be experiencing more success and better results in your online dating experience.

So you’ll have proof that not only can you complete a checklist of goals but that your actions are effective when you do!

Tracking Progress Changes the Game

When you do this type of challenge, you get to accomplish something that’s moving you closer to finding the love you’re looking for every single day. It’s proven that we innately respond to being able to cross something off our to-do lists. It feels great!

We get a sense of accomplishment and feel more confident and successful just by drawing a line through an action we set out to do. This feeling propels us towards further success, encouraging us to continue taking steps toward our goals.

Tracking our progress changes the game of completing goals by helping us to feel like we’ve won every day we meet a small step. And that can change the online dating game when you take on a 30-day online dating challenge. 

You’ll Be More Motivated to Improve Your Online Dating Life

When you set a challenge for yourself, you’ll be more motivated to reach your goals. When it comes to improving your approach to the online dating process, this challenge will benefit you immensely.

Sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction to really get moving on your Google of finding success when dating online. 

Small Steps Lead To Success

When people set goals, they often run into a problem where they ask too much from themselves. When your goal is big or important enough, it can seem like you’ll never be able to achieve it or that it’s out of your reach.

This can be disheartening, especially when a goal is as meaningful and significant as finding your perfect match through the most popular way people link up – through online dating. That’s why it’s so important to notice that all success is created by small steps. Giant leaps rarely work when it comes to reaching one’s goals.

Even when they do, without the proper habits and frame of mind in place, the results aren’t likely to last. Consider how many people win the lottery and end up losing all the money they win. Those who earn their wealth one paycheck at a time are far more likely to hold onto their success. 

You Actively Hold Yourself Accountable

Sometimes we ask others to hold us accountable for completing an action or pursuing a goal. While this can be an effective method, no one else will ever be able to take responsibility for your motivation.

Once you decide what your inspiration is, you can work toward it in the way you choose by creating a 30-day online dating challenge plan. Then, you can hold yourself accountable every day. No one’s going to be able to motivate you – your accountability is now in your hands and your hands alone.

You can’t avoid someone or consequences set by someone else. Instead, you’ll feel the responsibility associated with answering to yourself. And that’s a powerful motivator when it comes to reaching any goal, which can benefit you when you’re trying to improve your online dating life with this challenge. 

30-Day Challenges Are Effective Tools

If you want to change your mindset and behavior in record time, this type of challenge is for you! You’ll be impressed by the results of your actions when you pull this off. Small, incremental steps in succession can make a massive difference in how you think and act – all over the course of one month.

This is because you’re mindfully and intentionally setting and reaching small goals that help you achieve your goal in a streamlined way. Take your online dating process to the next level by creating your 30-day online dating challenge today!

30-Day Online Dating Challenge Ideas

Without further ado, let’s get into some ideas you can use to create your 30-day plan! Each of these ideas can help to improve your mindset and approach to online dating, helping you find more success in your search for your perfect match.

Choose from these, and incorporate them as you’d like into your schedule in a way that resonates with you. After your carefully crafted challenge is complete, you’ll have a whole new online dating life!

1. Message Someone New

This will help you break out of your comfort zone. Whether you want to message someone new every day or take the time to find profiles that you think really resonate with you, you should be sending out more messages than you are now by the end of the dating challenge.

Incorporating this into your plan will encourage you to take action and get used to contacting more people. After it becomes more of a habit, you’ll be more comfortable reaching out to potential matches, which is a valuable skill in itself. This will help you form more connections, increasing your chances of finding success in your online dating life. 

2. Envision Your Ideal Relationship

Taking the time to reflect on what you’re looking for will help guide you toward the right match for you. By envisioning the end game, you’ll be more likely to connect with people who will benefit your life in a meaningful way.

Instead of flying blind, you’ll know exactly what type of relationship you’re looking for, allowing you to spend less time on the wrong matches so that you have more time to find the right one. 

You can take on this task in a few different ways. You can sit down and have a think tank with yourself and write down your ideal vision all at once. Or, you can choose to work on this over a series of multiple days.

Lastly, you could write your initial thoughts down in a brain dump and go back and edit it after a few days have passed. You can continue going back and editing your vision until you feel it truly suits you. Eventually, you’ll have a clear idea of the person you’re looking for, which will help you identify them when you find them.

That can be invaluable when it comes to your search for love online!

3. Reset Your Filters

Maybe that ideal relationship you’ve envisioned isn’t limited to someone who’s a brunette. Once you’ve focused on what really matters to you, consider resetting your filters to include more types of matches.

Maybe you’ve always dated people of a certain height – but your perfect match is a little shorter than you’d expect. Reset that filter to allow some smaller-statured matches into your purview! 

You can either do this once or experiment with mixing up your filters to see if you like the new matches you get access to. Try to push yourself to branch out into more unknown territory to give yourself more viable options.

You’ll likely be able to reset at least one filter without compromising the quality and compatibility of the perfect match you’re looking for. Push your boundaries and preconceptions! The more high-quality options you allow yourself to have, the more likely it is that you’ll get the successful results you’re looking for. 

4. Put Free Trials to Use

Get on more online dating platforms! Most of them have a free trial that lets you get a taste of their operating system, features, and the online dating pool they have available. Maybe your perfect platform that matches your preferences is still waiting for you to discover it.

Make sure you record the expiration dates in your plan so that you can decide whether to stay or leave the platform in a timely manner. Once this is accomplished, you’ll be able to choose whether to switch or add subscriptions to your online dating world, giving you access to more or better matches. 

Also, there are plenty of online dating platforms that are entirely free to use! Get on as many of them as you can. If you don’t like what you see, feel free to leave. But signing up for a free site or app will only cost you time – and during your 30-day dating challenge, you’re intentionally putting time into looking at what will help you find success.

So branch out, try out free sites, and keep a record of what you sign up for so you can continue to check it out. See what works for you, and take your online dating game to the next level. 

5. Delegate Some Decision Making to a Trusted Friend

If you have a friend or family member that claims they know you better than yourself, maybe they could find some matches for you! Rely on their judgment for initial swiping or browsing decisions.

Their perspective may help you get past any preconceptions you don’t even realize you have. And their choices may point you in the direction of matches that you wouldn’t typically consider but could actually be the perfect match for you!

6. Take Yourself on Dates

How often you do this during your 30-day period is completely up to you, but strongly consider taking yourself out on at least one date!

Even if you have obligations and a hectic schedule, you can make time to schedule one outing and take yourself on the date of your dreams. What would you simply love to do on a date? Are you a sucker for a scary movie?

Have you been dying to try out that new restaurant in town? Or would you like to spend some time having a picnic in the park? 

Stop waiting for someone to create the perfect date for you. That’ll put unfair expectations on your matches. If you take care of yourself by enjoying your ideal date alone, you open up the opportunity for others to impress you.

Fulfill your need to have the perfect date by creating and enjoying it yourself! That way, your dates won’t be living up to standards they can’t possibly know about.

You’ll be more open to a different concept once you’ve already gone and done what you wanted to do in the first place. 

7. See What the Experts Are Saying

There are plenty of online dating experts and coaches out there that are putting advice on the internet. You can access blog posts and videos for free – all it takes is a search! Look for something you want to learn about or just general advice for online dating.

It’s up to you to decide how often you plan to do this and what you want to learn about. Any information from the experts could help you take your online dating game to the next level. 

8. Rewrite Your Online Dating Profile

If you’re like most online daters, you may have written your online dating profile initially and have left it that way ever since. Rewriting your online dating profile can increase your chances of success significantly!

Check out blog posts and videos explaining the latest and most effective online dating profile content trends. Incorporate those ideas into your profile. Make it as original, authentic, and attractive as it can be.

You can take your time editing your profile over multiple days, but it would benefit you to try to work this in at the beginning of your 30-day dating challenge if you opt to take on this action. That way, you’re set up for success for the rest of the month!

Asking a trusted friend or family member to review your profile with you can also help. Their perspectives could make the presentation of yourself more accurate and influential.

Rely on people who are close to you to point out what else you could include or if you might want to leave something out. Get their opinion on your profile photos while you’re at it!

9. Set Rules for Your Communication Style

When you’re messaging potential romantic interests, actively make a record of what works and what doesn’t. Form a communication style that’s likely to get you positive results when reaching out to form a connection.

Experiment with different conversation starters and icebreakers, and keep track of what gets you the types of responses you’re looking for. Then, create a structured style that you can rely on to help you connect with people you’re interested in getting to know better!

10. Work on Your Self-Confidence with Affirmations

Positive affirmations will help you be more confident, and confidence is critical in the online dating game. Start by writing down what you love about yourself. You can ask trusted friends and family members to tell you what they love most about you too! Then, take those aspects and turn them into positive affirmations. 

Then, think about the type of person that you want to be. Do you want to be the perfect date? Write down “I am the perfect date”! Make positive affirmations that reflect where you want to be in your online dating life. 

Once you’ve got your positive affirmations written down, post them all around your living area. Have them waiting to greet you where you tend to look the most during your day.

Keep them up, no matter how you’re feeling on a given day. Read them out loud if you’re having trouble believing them or you’re in a bad mood. Just having them in the front of your mind will help to bring out the best of you and move you toward where you want to be.

If you come up with more than what you have already, keep writing them down and posting them! Feel free to edit your affirmations or add to them as you see fit. Just make sure not to rip them down when you’ve had a bad day. Removing them should be a mindful process. 

Seeing these positive affirmations will help you become more confident. Confidence is one of the most attractive features people note in terms of online dating. Make yourself the best potential match you can be by creating your best self through the help of positive affirmations!

11. Have a Profile Picture Photo Shoot

Whether you use a timer and a phone stand, take a series of selfies, or have a professional take some alluring headshots, give yourself a photo shoot! Until you take more photos, you’re limited to choosing from ones that have already been taken of you for your online dating profile.

Intentionally taking pictures with the goal in mind that you’re going to post them for romantic interests to see is a process that ups your photo game tenfold. Have yourself a photo shoot, and experiment with outfits, angles, and lighting. You’ll be able to come up with pictures that put your best face forward, attracting more and better quality matches to your profile!

12. Get Comfortable with Rejection

There’s such a thing as “rejection therapy,” believe it or not. Getting used to rejection will make you less sensitive to it, which is a precious skill when it comes to online dating. The process inherently involves getting rejected multiple times. The more comfortable you are with being rejected, the less likely you’ll be to get disheartened or give up in the face of these inevitable rejections. 

There are plenty of ways you can go about this, and they all have to do with exposure to rejection. Some sites list tons of ways to get rejected if you can’t think of any. One of the most famous is asking a stranger to borrow $100. Do you think you’ll get left? Probably! So why would you do it? To expose yourself to rejection. The more you’re rejected, the less it will matter to you – and that’s what you’re trying to accomplish with rejection therapy. It’ll make online dating much easier in the long run.

13. Rewrite What You’re Looking For

Your online dating profile probably has a section where you’re asked to describe what you’re looking for. Rewrite this section based on your ideal vision of your future relationship. Make it more original and unique to you, putting a bit more vulnerability out there for people to see.

Not only will this get you better matches, but it’ll get you more positive attention. Originality is highly valued in online dating as well as honesty. Rewriting the section about what you’re looking for in this way accomplishes both of those categories. 

Let potential matches know what’s most important to you and what qualities would make them compatible with you. Refine your definition of a love interest to attract high-quality partners that suit you to your inbox!

14. Start Exercising

Even though you’re meeting dates online, exercise will benefit you in your online dating life. While it’ll be tiring at first, sticking with 10 minutes of exercise will give you more energy in the long run. It also releases endorphins that make you happier, which can make your outlook on the online dating process more resilient.

Not to mention, exercising will end up making you more attractive! Add even a little bit of exercise into your routine by starting with this 30-day challenge, and your online dating life will benefit from it. 

15. Try Therapy

If you’re in a position to go to a therapist, give it a try! Challenging your preconceptions about relationships can be incredibly difficult, or even impossible, on your own. And those preconceptions can be holding you back in your online dating life. 

If you don’t have insurance that covers therapy or you’re not interested in paying for a therapist, try confiding in a trusted friend or family member. Talk to them about what you think about relationships, and bounce those ideas off of them. Ask them how your preconceptions sound to them, and listen to their honest feedback with an open ear.

Another way to try therapy without anyone else’s help is to engage in therapeutic journaling. Write down your beliefs about relationships in general. Then, go back to them later or after some time has passed and review what you wrote. This will give you insight into what you’re thinking subconsciously when dating online. Identification is the first step to healing and processing these beliefs to make them more positive. And by improving your mindset, you’ll be more fit, able, and ready to succeed in your online dating life. 

16. Focus on Gratitude

Whether you want to write a long list all at once or practice focusing on gratitude every day of your challenge, it’s an effective way to improve your online dating life – and your life in general! Make an intention to mindfully focus on what you’re grateful for, and write those thoughts down. Read the record anytime you’re feeling down, rejected, or just having a rough day. 

When you’re more grateful about life in general, you’ll be more likely to focus on the positive aspects of your matches. This can lead you to decide to give more people a chance, increasing your chances of finding the partner you’re looking for in the process. 

17. Follow Dating Podcasts

There are free ways to enjoy some exceptional podcasts that discuss ways that you can improve your dating life. Follow these, and set some times when you can listen to them. Doing the dishes? Listen to a dating podcast while you’re at it!

But try to keep a notebook nearby so that you can jot down ideas that could help you in the future. You don’t necessarily have to schedule these into your next 30-day online dating challenge – although you totally could. Even listening to good dating advice over and over again will help to improve your mindset and make you better at online dating!

18. Pull Your Thought Train into Meditation Station

If you don’t process your thoughts well, you may be liable to make quick assumptions and make quick reactions during your online dating journey. One way to help you slow down and think more clearly is to practice meditation. Even a few minutes of meditation can help you be more mindful when choosing matches and communicating with connections.

Try to create a quick and convenient meditation routine, and ramp it up from there if you’d like. Meditation gets must easier with practice, and it only takes a small amount of time to get your head in gear before you get back to online dating! 

19. Try a Niche App

There are tons of niche apps for online dating, and many of them are free to use! If you don’t find a free niche platform that you like, there are always free trials that you can consider instead. Once you know what type of match you’re looking for, look into niche apps that cater to those types of people specifically.

It’s like setting a filter that makes the online dating pool you’re dealing with full of fish tailored to your most important desires. If you haven’t considered a niche app before because they’re typically smaller sites, give it a try! You might be more likely to find the type of person you’re looking to connect with if you dive into a smaller dating pool that caters to your most important interests.

20. Have a Practice Date with a Friend

Take a trusted friend out on a practice date! Pretend like you’re meeting each other for the first time, and have them act as a romantic interest. Practice makes perfect, and a trusted friend can make an excellent, honest dating coach.

While your experience will obviously be different than your date will be, you may be able to get some insights that can help prepare you for the real thing. Go somewhere that you’d actually like to go on a date – don’t invite them over to hang out on your couch.

Make a commitment to sticking to the practice date, and carry it out over the entire time you spend with them. You can have them give you feedback throughout the date, or you can ask them to take notes and go over them later.

Either way, you’ll be able to get some meaningful advice that could help you become a better dater. By the time you make it to a first date with someone you meet online, that’s truly special; you’ll be better equipped to handle the experience in a wonderful way!

21. Get More Passionate

Taking the time to engage in an activity or hobby that you love will help ignite your passion and prepare you for romance. If cooking sets your soul on fire, plan to make some dishes during your 30-day challenge. If you love to write poetry, make sure to set a goal to write. Invoking your passions will make you more vibrant, energetic, and passionate in general.

And that will get you in the right mood to take on the online dating world with excitement! When you go into an online dating experience, and you’re excited about the journey and the prospects it offers, you’re more likely to find success. 

22. Take a Break

Sometimes, taking a break from online dating for a day can make you excited to jump back into the dating pool. How can you miss the experience if it never goes away? While you’re in the midst of your 30-day challenge, it might be difficult to stop online dating for a day. You’re actively excited about improving your journey, so you’re not likely to want to slow it down.

But distance makes the heart grow fonder, which can apply to online dating as well. Make yourself stop for a day, no matter how difficult it is. Then, when you dive back in the next day, you’ll feel more rejuvenated and ready to take on the online dating world than you were before.

23. Plan Your Outfit for Your First Date with Your Perfect Match

Have you heard of manifesting? Well, the general concept includes taking actions that will set you up for the future you want in order to help make it your reality. Acting in this way can get you in the right frame of mind and help you to expect success. Both of those concepts will serve you and make you more confident during your online dating journey. With that being said, one concrete action you can take is to plan out the outfit you’ll wear for your first date with your perfect special someone.

Feel free to come up with others or research some as well! Some popular ones for people seeking relationships are to make extra room in their closets, start sleeping on one side of the bed, and leave time in their schedule to spend time with their future partner.

These actions get you excited about having the person you’re looking for in your life while creating the space for them to show up. While you’re still searching for your perfect match, plan what you’re going to wear when you take the relationship to the next level and finally meet each other in person!

24. Research Body Language Tips

Most human communication isn’t actually verbal – it’s composed of body language, including physical actions as well as the tone of voice. While you’re likely to initiate your connections online through text, the goal is to take exciting relationships further. At some point, if you’re successful, you’ll meet over the phone, over a video call, and, eventually, in person. 

So, now’s the time to brush up on your body language! The tips you learn will make you more attractive to those you want to get to know better. But, it takes some time to incorporate these into your life in a natural way. Get started by researching how to present your body and voice in the most attractive way possible.

Then, get some takeaways and practice them when you’re alone and in real life. You’ll be better at remembering these tips, and with some time, you’ll be presenting yourself exceptionally well without even thinking about it. By the time you meet your perfect match, you’ll be looking and sounding your best!

25. Start Complimenting Others

Giving out compliments is a habit that’s rarely going to end badly for you! If you want to add something to your online dating life that’s rarely to your detriment and almost always to your benefit, start with compliments. If you already have some conversations going on with online matches, look at their profiles and give them each a compliment.

After you start communicating with someone, go back and make sure to give them a personalized compliment. You can even make this a habit by complimenting your friends, family members, and co-workers when appropriate. You can even tell a stranger that you love their outfit!

Mindfully incorporate more compliment-giving into your life, and it’ll make you a more attractive dating prospect. You’ll be able to let people know that you like them more easily without defense mechanisms kicking in. Get used to doling out compliments, and get ready to receive more of them yourself!

26. Start Going Out on Dates

Take your online dating connections out on the town! Near the end of the month, it may be time to start putting your efforts into action. Even if you’re not sure that a match is perfect for you, go out on a date to find out! You can schedule multiple dates a week – just get out there and start going out with people you’re interested in getting to know better.

Plenty of online dating platforms let you know who’s in your area, and if you’ve connected with some of them, ask if they’d like to meet in person. Even if the dates don’t work out, practice will help to make you the perfect date. And jumping into a first date too fast rarely inhibits the right relationships. You don’t have much to lose, and you could kickstart some connections that improve your life.

Give online dating prospects a chance to meet you in person. Start going out on dates!

27. Do an Online Dating Purge

You’re embarking on a new phase of your online dating journey, and your profiles are about to get a lot more active. It’s time to clear out those conversations with connections that didn’t work out. Go through and cleanse your inbox of people who aren’t the type of match you’re looking for. Make some room to focus on the connections that are coming to your inbox soon!


Are you excited yet? It’s time to create your 30-day online dating challenge! Hopefully, these ideas can help you make a plan that will significantly improve your experience by the time the challenge is done.

This is your online dating life, so set actions to help you reach your goals. Take small steps every day to prepare yourself to meet the love of your life or the exact type of match you’re looking for. Success takes time to achieve, no matter what you’re trying to pursue. So setting 30 days of dedication to improvement in your schedule is an excellent way to move you toward the goal post.

We hope that this article has helped you, that we’ve convinced you to develop a challenge that works for you, and that you take it on with excitement. And we hope that your online dating journey gets you the results you’re looking for!

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