Sagittarius and Scorpio: Is It a Perfect Match?


So I’m a huge fan of the X-Files. If you’re younger than twenty, you’re probably scoffing. That show? Really? Maybe you’ve never heard of it or maybe like me, you’re a nerd who is convinced that the truth is really out there. Okay, why am I bringing this up? So the great thing about the X-Files isn’t so much the possibility that aliens exist. It’s all about the relationship between the two leads, Mulder and Scully, and the fact that they couldn’t be more different in their perspectives and yet somehow get along. Mulder is convinced aliens exist. Scully, a doctor, approaches everything from a scientific perspective.

There’s a tug and pull here, as these two detectives force you to consider things from both sides. In many ways, their dynamic is less about the existence of aliens and more about how they see the world differently, and yet manage to create this great partnership that eventually dovetails into a friendship outside of work, and… Well, I don’t want to give any spoilers if you’re now interested in watching out, but let’s put it this way: Part of what makes their relationship interesting is their underlying physical attraction for each other.

But can two people this different really make a loving relationship work? That’s the question at the heart of you two, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Like Scully and Mulder, you two have very little in common. Sagittarius a fire sign, Scorpio a water sign. Sag, mutable, Scorpio fixed. And yet, as friends, it somehow works. But what about something more? Let’s dive in and break you two down and try to uncover, like the X-Files, if the truth is out there.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol


Born between November 22nd and December 21st, you, Sagittarius, are a burst of energy, of over-the-top expression. The holidays are that time when we begin to think about the past year, when we gather with friends and family, when everything feels a bit exaggerated and full of life. That’s you, Sag, adventurous, possessing a zest for life.

You’re a mutable sign, meaning you’re flexible and adaptable, detesting routine and craving new experiences. You’re spontaneous and passionate, the fire in you making you eager to get out and explore the world. Most people would call you fun-loving, and although you’re always seeking a good time, you’re very interested in expanding yourself and your understanding of the world.

You’re the ninth sign in the Zodiac, which puts you in the ninth house of philosophy and higher learning. Combine that with your ruling planet, Jupiter, which represents exploration, luck, success, and big-thinking energy, and you’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting yourself out there to learn new things.

You’re the explorer of the Zodiac, possessing a type of wanderlust that pushes you to absorb information. The world is vast and if you haven’t traveled everywhere, it’s probably on your list. If you don’t like to travel, then you most likely have an intense interest in politics, religion, or deep conversations that force you to see old things in new ways.

You value your friends, but you also understand that you only live one, and you tend to gravitate to people who will hop on your adventures with you, and will drift from those who weigh you down.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


Scorpio, you’re the fixed water sign often confused for a fire sign. This is because your passion and intensity is the strongest in all the Zodiac. And as a fixed sign, you’re stubborn, knowing what you like, and not super inclined to try new things if you’re unsure how it will affect you.

You’re a private, secretive person and can be guarded with opening up to new people.

But because you’re a water sign, you are also capable of going with the flow, too. You’re in the eighth house, which represents emotional bonds and sex. You’re in tune with your sexuality, but mainly because you know how to connect with people on deep levels.

You feel things incredibly intensely, and for that reason when you decide someone is part of your life, you will be incredibly loyal. But you also have a bit of a bite to you. Like your symbol, the scorpion, if you feel cornered, you won’t hesitate to attack those who have wronged you.

You have two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, which each represent a balance of different sides of your personality: Mars–the planet of emotion, and Pluto–the planet of energy. You seek genuine bonds with people in your life and won’t hesitate to cut people out if they rub you the wrong way.

Sagittarius and Scorpio in Friendship

Neighbors in the Zodiac, like you two in the eighth and ninth house, don’t always have promising potential. And from the outside, that’s how it may appear with you two. Sagittarius, the free spirit, and Scorpio, the serious thinker. Like Scully and Mulder, you have two very different perspectives on life. Sagittarius is eager to explore the world, and Scorpio, who craves to understand why people are the way they are.

Yet, at your core, you both share equal values of loyalty, and you seek genuine relationships with people. You understand that time is precious, and you want to spend it with good people. When you first meet, it’s likely you won’t really understand each other.

Scorpio will be the person at the party who is in the corner watching everything go down. While you, Sagittarius will be the one who is hopping from group to group, eager to find the most interesting conversation. It will probably be you, Sag, who will hone in on Scorpio, curious to find out what they’re all about. Scorpio, you may be put off at first, but because you’re intuitive, you’ll sense there is something positive about this free-spirited individual, and you’ll be willing to see where this friendship can go.

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Adventurous Sagittarius, you’re rearing to explore every corner of the earth. You’re a ball of energy bouncing from one place to the next, eager to include new friends in your fun times. Yet you’re also independent, so you have no problem doing all of this on your own.

Scorpio, meanwhile, you’re a unique vibe. As a water sign, you’re open to going with the flow of new experiences, but because you’re also a fixed sign, you prefer gravitating toward familiar experiences. Sagittarius, as a mutable sign who craves change, will encourage you, Scorpio, to try new things, and although it may take a little convincing, you’ll eventually give it a try, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You both have a mutual interest in discovering the meaning behind things in life, and your conversations will be full and lively, topics ranging from the philosophical to the mundane, and yet it will never be boring, your equal interest in getting to the core of things making your time together thoroughly enjoyable.

Friend-Fection Icon

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As a fire sign, Sagittarius, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Life is about experiencing it, and that includes expressing your feelings about things. You don’t really care what people think, and you’ll have no problem talking to your friends about your feelings.

You’re also an optimist, though, so it’s likely you’ll see the best in things and won’t find it necessary to have drawn-out conversations with your friends. You’ll say things once and then let it go. Scorpio, you’re a little different. As a water sign, you’re more reserved, and while you may come off as guarded, it’s really because you’re in tune with your emotions and you feel things strongly.

You will need a friend you can talk to about things, and although it may take a while to open up to them, you’ll find that Sagittarius is a good friend to talk to. Sag, you’re a great listener and eager to see where people are coming from. It may take time, but eventually, with a little effort, this friendship will cultivate a solid bond of healthy communication.

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Sagittarius, dating for you is a fun opportunity to see what there is out there, not just for finding a relationship but for learning new things. You enjoy conversation and learning things about people, and your fire sign gives you an enigmatic energy that will make people gravitate toward you. However, because you seek freedom and run from bondage, you are very particular about settling down with a partner.

However, because you approach dating in a lighthearted manner, you have no problem expressing your experience with your dating life to your friends. Scorpio, you’re the opposite. Not only are you private, but you feel things intensely, and you have a tendency to fall fast and hard for new partners. Sometimes, you confuse sexual attraction for an emotional connection.

You might mention a new partner to your friends, but because you don’t like appearing vulnerable, it’s unlikely you’ll tell your friends you’ve fallen for someone until your relationship has become official.

Sagittarius and Scorpio in Love

The differences between you two that helped create a unique friendship are what will ultimately make for a difficult, if not tumultuous romantic relationship. Sagittarius, you need a partner who understands that some days you may want a quiet night at home, and the next you’re booking a trip to Spain. Ideally, you want someone who is open to joining you on these adventures, but you’re also quite fine exploring the world on your own.

Scorpio, this is a challenge for you. You’re open to new experiences but only when you know what to expect. You’re not as spontaneous as Sagittarius, and for this reason when they up and change their plans for overnight, and are happy to do it alone, you may find yourself getting jealous, thinking their interest in meeting new people will mean they’ve lost interest in you, when in reality, they just crave new friends.

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If there’s even the slightest physical attraction here, this first date is bound to lead to a second. Scorpio, you fall quick and fast, and because you often lead with your heart instead of your mind, Sagittarius’ charming personality will intrigue you. Sag, you have no problem talking to strangers, and because you’re a great listener, you’ll know how to spark Scorpios’ interest in deep conversations and offer a safe place where they will feel comfortable opening up to you.

Sag, you’ll be intrigued by Scorpio’s intensity, because you have a similar energy, yet you are also more lighthearted about dating than they are, so while a second date is likely, Scorpio will think this is something more than it probably is.

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Scorpio, you will be slower to open up with Sagittarius, even if you two end up in a romantic relationship. Sag, you didn’t lack a filter when you met, and you definitely won’t once you start dating. You’ll struggle to understand why Scorpio doesn’t express their affection as effortlessly as you do.

You give easily, Sag, while Scorpio, you need to trust someone before you completely express your thoughts. For this reason, especially at the beginning of the relationship, Sag, you rely heavily on quality time and physical touch to feel bonded with someone.

Sagittarius won’t mind this, because as a mutable sign, they enjoy a variety of love languages, but because Sagittarius doesn’t like feeling smothered, they will crave time on their own, and this will create difficulties in your relationship, especially if you, Scorpio, are not yet ready to express your thoughts about what you need.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

It’s likely you two will arrive at this place quickly. Scorpio, intimacy is important to you, and often a way you express yourself early in your relationships before you’re comfortable being vulnerable about your feelings.

Sagittarius, you see sex as just a fun extension of dating and are less inclined to consider it something more than a physical experience, whereas emotional Scorpio will add meaning to the intimacy.

It’s likely you two could fall into a friend-with-benefits situation, but eventually, Scorpio will need a commitment and if Sagittarius is ready to give that, it will last as long until your differing communication styles start to create issues.

The Verdict?

Like Scully and Mulder, you will be partners in crime seeking the truth behind all things. Your friendship will become solid despite your differences. But as lovers, it’s likely you will clash when emotional Scorpio will struggle to open up and free-spirited Sagittarius will crave freedom over commitment.

Compatibility Scale:

  • 1- Get AWAY from me
  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

Friendship Compatibility

4.0 Gold Stars

Love Compatibility

3.0 Gold Stars

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