Sagittarius and Sagittarius: Will This Love Flourish?


Oh, you two. Flickering flames dancing across a room. One of you chooses a candle, the other picks a lantern, but each of you is guiding the way, eager to light your own path. You’re full of heat and passion, your energy extending beyond just the light you exude. A passion stirs in both of your chests, one that whispers: time to move. If you stay in one place too long, you’ll get bored and could become too much to bear.

You may not burn bridges–you’re both too kind for that–but you’ll most definitely set fire to anything that threatens to pin you down and keep you in one place. And as you two flames burn a path to create a new trail in the world, it’s likely that if your paths cross, you two won’t just dance side by side, you’ll merge into one and create a fire that no one will deny.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol


If that analogy above wasn’t clear enough, let me spell it out for you. You’re a fire sign, Sagittarius! And you’re a unique one at that. As a mutable sign, you’re all about flexibility, freedom, and fun. You can adapt to any situation and get along with just about everyone who crosses your path. Not just because you’re overtly loveable and optimistic but because you really just couldn’t care less what people think.

The world is too vast to let drama weigh you down, and while you may get tangled in the problems of others from time to time, you’ll have no problem letting issues go before they get out of hand. The fire inside you gives you an intensity that alone could be overwhelming for some, but not for you, Sagittarius. Your mutability and openness smooth out the heaviness of your bold energy, shifting it more from intensity to passion. You’re a go-getter, eager to explore the world, but also ready to encourage people outside of their boxes.

Confinement is restrictive, after all, and some people just don’t see how beautiful taking risks really can be. You love encouraging others to hop in on the action you attempt to create, but if they don’t follow along, you’re totally just fine with that. Life is fun enough to be explored on your own. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, supports that independent mentality and represents fortune, luck, and divine timing.

Your symbol, the archer, relates to your wild side. Using your bow and arrow, you’ll find your target, take aim, and release your power out into the world, never hesitating to pursue the things that are important to you.

Feisty, fun, and open-minded, you’ll never judge the people in your life–unless they hurt the people you love. And if that happens, well, you have no problem cutting people out of your life. You’re unlikely to take the path of revenge, as you lean more toward the aggressive than the passive-aggressive when it comes to expressing your negative emotions to those who have harmed you.

However, even with the people you love, you can be blunt and honest, preferring to speak your truth rather than stifle your fire. Not everyone will accept this about you… Except for one sign, who won’t just see you in all your glory but love every single second of it. Sagittarius, meet your match: fellow Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius in Friendship

This friendship will be one that will set a new standard for all the people in your life. Some of your friends will become overwhelmed by your bond as you two almost seem like the exact same person. Your mutual energy is so strong that your light may shine too bright for some, but others will gravitate towards you like a moth to a flame, eager to experience some of your passion. And passion will define you two, Sags’. You’ll adventure out into the world together, open-hearted, free, and eager for all the fun the world offers.

Friend Date - Calendar

Friend Date: Mani/Pedi or Streaking on the Beach at Midnight?

Oh for you two, it’s all about streaking on the beach. When you two come together, chances are that streaking is even less of the craziest things you’ve done. You’re both impulsive and spontaneous, your thirst for new experiences driven by your passion for life driving you forward out into the world.

Most of your friends probably won’t be able to keep up with you two. Chances are, you won’t care. You two are more than happy to go your own way, both with your Sag friend and by yourself.

Friend-Fection Icon

Friend-Fection: Keep It on the Dl or Text ‘Love Ya Biatch?’

Both of you prefer to experience life and show your fondness for one another instead of expressing your affection with words and you both like it that way. In fact, it’s one of the reasons your friendship has taken off so successfully. You’ve had issues with friends in the past who find your bluntness too rude or your spontaneity too flaky.

But that’s not an issue with Sagittarius. Your Sag friend will eagerly respond in a similar direct way, and then you’ll both go back to communicating in the way you both like it–going on adventures and having new experiences.

Dating Advice Icon

Dating Advice: Send His Name or Send His Social?

Dating for you two is a game of adventure. Chances are you two will go out of your way to meet new people just for the fun of it. You love stepping out into the world, searching for a fun time, and while you’re incredibly independent, you’re more than happy to experience life with someone by your side.

But you’re very particular about who exactly that someone will be. You don’t have time to be weighed down by toxic people.

Life is just too much fun for that. You’ll probably date around, but you’ll be picky about who you’ll commit to. However, you’ll have no problem talking about your dates to your friends, and your Sagittarius buddy will be the first person you call up.

Sagittarius and Scorpio in Love

You two are more than just the explorers of the zodiac. You’re the fiery flirts eager to get out into the world and meet as many new people as you can. Some signs will find your extroverted personalities as disrespectful, but not fellow Sagittarius. They’ll be right by your side, eager to meet new people along with you.

Loyalty won’t be a problem as long as you two communicate so that trust will come easily, and you’ll both have no issue with your partner’s playful nature. If anything, you both will encourage your significant other to have their own life, friends, and hobbies.

Independence and freedom is a core principle to both of you, and because you two share a free-spirited nature, you’ll find yourself actually wanting to commit to this person who puts no pressure on you to do just that. You’ll end up together because you both just genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

If there’s someone to explore the world with, it’s your fellow Sagittarius partner.

First Date Icon

The First Date: Roses or KFC?

This will be a date for the books. You’ll know immediately that you’ve someone special, mainly because they’ll be suggesting the same random ideas you’ll come up with. You both may change your mind last minute about where you want to go, and neither of you will care.

Instead, you’ll be excited for the new experience. It’s likely things will move pretty quickly, maybe even on the first date, since you two share similar views on intimacy. Sex is just as fun as all the adventures you want to share with your partner. And because this will be a date who will be eager to explore with you, it will most definitely graduate into something more.

Especially when you both discover something no other sign has truly given you, you crave freedom more than anything, and commitment is something you usually fear.

But in this dynamic, you’ll find this won’t be an issue at all. Both of you will embrace your independence outside of your relationship and that will make you even more keen on spending time together.

Love Language Icon

Love Language Do’s and Don’ts: A Dealbreaker?

Adventures come first when you two get together. You’re less concerned about reading books on how to expand your love and more interested in bungee jumping while tying the knot.

Experiences are the way you two communicate, and although you probably don’t really believe in love languages–as it just sounds a little too predictable for your tastes–you both would readily admit that quality time is the most important factor you share, with physical touch a close second.

Except for both of these things, that doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting on the couch, watching Netflix and cuddling under the glow of candles. You’ll be out exploring the world, meeting new people, sharing exciting adventures, and probably having sex in any random place you can think of to get away with it.

Of course, every relationship, even the most compatible partners, can have issues if communication isn’t consistent. Fortunately, you two express yourself similarly. You both prefer to bluntly express your opinions without making a big fuss.

You’ll say your thoughts, get it off your chest, and then be ready to move on. This can be problematic for other signs who may find your directness too abrasive, but not your fellow Sag. They will appreciate your honesty and be more than happy to move on. Issues can arise when one of you is more upset than the other and isn’t ready to move on super quickly.

It’s likely you both are used to letting things go, but if you don’t give your partner a chance to fully express themselves–and listen to what they have to say–dust will be swept under the rug, and you’ll both move on. Life is fun and meant to be lived, not talked about incessantly.

But you both need to remember that even spontaneous, adventurous couples like you may need more than just a blunt one-sentence conversation about how the dishes are piling up in the sink. Sometimes, you may need to have those longer conversations where you both need reassurance.

Remember, sometimes you need a few passes to get the house clean. If the dirt isn’t cleaned up, it can build up over time, and chances are that one of you will eventually trip on it. And things will most definitely go smoother if you don’t have a bump on your knee when you do the talking.

Sexy Time Icon

Sexy Time: Slow and Steady or Chompin’ at the Bit?

Chances are you’re going to need a fire truck on standby as the fire extinguisher won’t do enough to settle this fire when you two get tangled into each other’s arms in the bedroom.

Nothing is off limits when love ignites passion and intimacy. Chances are you can have this same connection even if you’re not in love, as sex for you is just a fun part of life, an extension of the dating experience.

But when two of you get together? Well, mind-blown will probably be an understatement. Not only are you two feisty, but you’re always open to trying new things and experimenting, anything that encourages fun and friskiness and changes up a routine. Boring won’t exist in your vocabulary.

The Verdict?

Wedding bells are ringing when you two Sagittarius’ get together. Except knowing your dynamics, you’re not taking the traditional route.

If you don’t elope in Vegas, you’re probably just fine to call yourself partners in crime and get matching tattoos or maybe buy a farm. That’s just how it goes with you guys. Chances are you won’t know until the day happens. And it will be one no one else will be quick to forget.

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  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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