Cancer and Scorpio: Is This a Perfect Zodiac Match?


You enter a crowded room. It’s a party, a mixup of a dozen people, some you like, some you don’t, some you’ve never met. But there’s only one person you’re searching for–and then you spot them, standing across the room, lost in conversation. But before you can weave through the masses to reach them, two people spill out of a bedroom, their shouts silencing the rest of the house. It’s a couple you know well. And this is the norm for them. Public fights. Screams. Drunken accusations. You stumble to a halt, and the louder of the two couples throws their hand in the air, their drink lifting out of their glass and swirling into the air–and splashing you in the face.

The music screeches to a halt. And there, behind the couple is the person you came to see. They lock eyes with you, their smirk instantaneous. A silent conversation passes between the two of you, all through the expressions painting your faces. No words need to be spoken. They want to laugh. You tell them not to. They can’t help it. It’s just too funny. They burst out laughing, and then you can’t help it. You’re laughing too.

The party kicks back into gear; the couple continues fighting, and by the time you reach the other side of the room, you’re about to say you need a t-shirt, but your friend is a step ahead of you, already grabbing a spare shirt from a guest room and shoving it into your hand before you even say what you need. You shake your head and smile. When you’re with this friend, you’re certain that telepathy exists.

Fortunately for you two Cancer and Scorpio–you’re not the fighting couple. You’re the friends who don’t have to speak to have a conversation. You two are as lucky as they come. This is one of the best pairings in the Zodiac! Let’s go spend a day with you two and see what this relationship is like! It’s certain to be a good one.

Cancer Zodiac Symbol


Cancer, born between June 21st and July 22nd, represents the heart of summer, the solstice, sunshine days spent with friends and family, a loving vibe, the core of who you are, Cancer.

You’re a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon with the symbol of the crab. That’s a mouthful, I know–but when you break each of these down, you can get a clear understanding of who you are as a person.

Every sign has a modality: fixed, mutable, or cardinal, a representation of where in the season each sign lies. Fixed signs embody the middle of the season, mutable signs conclude seasons, and cardinals start a season. This makes you the initiator of the Zodiac, Cancer, a natural leader capable of inspiring people into action.

You’re a self-starter, active and eager to connect with the world around you and because you’re a water sign, you’re naturally sensitive and intuitive, inherently connected to your imagination and your heart.

The moon is associated with introspection and intuition, unseen things that dictate your actions. For you, this represents your moodiness. Your emotions can switch on a dime, especially when your desire to involve yourself in the world overwhelms you.

This is where the crab comes in. Living inside their shell, the crab is a homebody, someone who needs to crawl back inside themself when things get rough. And that’s you, Cancer, seeking refuge in your home when the outside world gets too rough. This is a safe space for you, one you only open to those you really trust.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


Scorpio, born between October 23rd and November 21st, you’re a fixed water sign, ruled by Pluto with the symbol of the scorpion. So, let’s get into it!

Your days encompass the time of fall, that sweet spot between Halloween and Thanksgiving, where the air starts to cool off, cinnamon and pumpkin tinge the air, and it’s a busy time of year packed with family and maybe a little bit of drama–something you’re well experienced in, Scorpio.

As a fixed sign, you’re smack dab in the middle of the season, which means you’re very set in your ways, a creature of habit, what some people call stubborn, you call knowing what you like. You don’t want to change your patterns if you’re comfortable where you are.

Still, you’re unique because you’re also a water sign, which means you can go with the flow if you’re put in the right situation. Pluto is the planet of destruction and renewal, a transformation that represents the depth of your intensity, Scorpio.

It’s because of this planet that you’re often mistaken as a fire sign, your passion allowing you to light a fire wherever you go. And that fire is connected to your symbol, the scorpion. You’re incredibly loyal, Scorpio, but if someone wrongs you, you won’t hesitate to lift your stinger and go after those who hurt you or the ones you love.

Because of that, you value respect, and when you find genuine people, you’ll lock in for life and not let them go.

Cancer and Scorpio in Friendship

Cancer, you avoid confrontation at all costs, while you Scorpio, will lean toward passive aggressiveness and revenge if someone wrongs you. From an outside perspective, this might not seem like an ideal match, but you two share some of the highest expectations in the Zodiac, values that link you to your core.

You both are very in tune with your emotions, sensitive people who consider loyalty and trust the highest quality in your relationships with others. Once you trust someone, you will give your all to them, and so is the case when you two become friends.

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As water signs, you both are emotional and intuitive, which leads to that sense of telepathy described above. You understand how the other person is feeling without needing to ask, and this creates an ease in your friendship that makes your time together fun and effortless.

Scorpio, as a fixed sign, you are a little more rigid in how you choose to spend your time. Cancer, because of your cardinal modality, you’ll take the initiative to try new things, but because you also go with the flow, you’re okay with doing things the way Scorpio likes to.

Scorpio’s stubbornness may rub some people the wrong way, but you, Cancer are patient, and you have no problem waiting until Scorpio realizes that maybe it’s okay to try new things.

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Scorpio, vulnerability is a fear of yours, and you will take your time before fully opening up to someone. As a result, a lot of your friends will see you as guarded and abrasive, but certain signs like Cancer, who can sense genuine people when they see it, will wait, their patience effortless if it means allowing a good person like you into their life.

Cancer, you’ll be more in tune with your feelings than Scorpio, your sensitivity allowing you to talk about what matters to you. This openness of yours will not only allow Scorpio to trust you but encourage you, Scorpio, to open up in ways you haven’t with other friends.

And because you Cancer, often struggle with standing up for yourself, choosing to avoid conflict rather than get into the heat of things, you will respect Scorpio’s bluntness. Scorpio will inspire you to be more direct and honest. It may take time to get to this point in your friendship, but once you do, it’s a refreshing connection you two haven’t found elsewhere.

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Cancer, you’re quick to fall for new partners, a trait that scares guarded Scorpio. Scorpio will see your rose-colored glasses, Cancer, and warn you not to move too fast. But Cancer, you’ll see Scorpio’s wall, and encourage them to lower it.

There’s a balance here, and because you two can practically read each other’s mind, you’ll enjoy talking about your relationships and dating life. It may be difficult to take each other’s advice, but because you two trust each other, you’ll give it a try. Either way, if it doesn’t work out, Scorpio you’ll be figuring out where to bury the body, and Cancer will be there to talk you down. At least you will always have each other.

Cancer and Scorpio in Love

And this is where your thoughts turn… What if the person I’ve been looking for all along is actually my best friend? Of course, if there’s no attraction here, then it’s unlikely you’ll get to this point. But if you are attracted to one another, then the sparks have probably been flying for some time.

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It’s likely you won’t be able to take your eyes off each other. You won’t even care where you are, what you’re eating, and you’ll probably forget everything you’ve talked about.

It’s that telepathy again, that connection that you just can’t understand, but feel in your gut. Even though you both are water signs, flames will be licking behind your eyes, and you’ll both be thinking the same thing: want to get out of here? You won’t be staying for dessert.

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Trust is effortless between you guys, mainly because you both know how to show your affection. Quality time and physical touch are incredibly important to you two, and you will have no problem expressing your love for one another.

Some of your friends may roll their eyes at how well you two click, but neither of you care. It’s just easy between you guys. The only issue that will arise is when an occasional disagreement forces you to talk about the heavy things.

Cancer’s emotional sensitivity may overwhelm you, Scorpio, as discussing the nitty gritty of life makes you vulnerable. You will need to learn to talk about things with your Cancer partner and open up, trusting that you’ve built a safe enough space to communicate.

And Cancer, that patience that made your friendship with Scorpio thrive, will be tested when you’re in a relationship with them. But if you can work on giving Scorpio the space to breathe and process what you talk about, you’ll be rewarded with a genuine conversation between the two of you that will allow your relationship to grow even further.

Sexy Time Icon

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This is where that dam will spring, the floodgates will open, and you two will glide down this raging river of love. Intimacy will probably come early in this relationship because you’ll both inherently know that there’s something special here.

You both want to feel connected to a partner to reach this point, and that will definitely happen here. Scorpio, the more adventurous–and the more guarded–will lower their wall to play with you, Cancer, and you will be open to Cancer but still a little hesitant.

You take intimacy more seriously than most signs and want to fully trust someone before you can open up and explore everything there is to see in the bedroom. Yet, because you’re intuitive, there will be a natural comfort here that will allow you to open up. And as you two continue to grow and bond together, this trust will only grow, and as it does, so will your connection beneath the sheets.

The Verdict?

With your shared sensitivity and intuition, you two will often feel like you can read each other’s mind. Cancer’s patience will allow Scorpio to lower their guard, and once that happens, nothing is stopping you two as friends or lovers, your shared value of loyalty and trust making you destined for success.

You share a ‘trine’ aspect, meaning that you’re planets are 120 degrees apart, the best match in the Zodiac.

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  • 2- Who are you again?
  • 3- I tolerate you
  • 4- You’re pretty cool
  • 5- Let’s gooooo!

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