Celebrating Love | Top 5 Zoosk Success Stories


The Zoosk dating site is well-known around the world for connecting compatible couples. The beloved online dating platform, which boasts over 35 million members, is used by singles looking for a romantic partner in more than 80 countries and in 25 languages, meaning it’s truly for everyone, anywhere. 

Zoosk customizes your dating journey with sophisticated behavioral matchmaking technology and matching algorithms that learn your preferences and tastes so you can find who and what you’re looking for and get to your dating goals. 

Don’t believe us? Welp, we have the receipts. Zoosk has a section on its dating site that is dedicated to success stories—written in the happy couples’ own words. This isn’t Zoosk talking; it’s the people who are loved up thanks to meeting on the dating site. 

So, today, we are celebrating love by sharing a smattering of couple success stories that made our hearts go all pitter-patter!

Without further ado, here are the top five couple success stories from Zoosk! 

Zoosk Success #1: Olivia & David

Olivia and David met on Zoosk, and their shared hobbies and strong spiritual connection led to their 2019 wedding; she told Zoosk about their love affair.

“Dave messaged me on Zoosk but I did not see his message for a few days. I didn’t think I would meet someone right away. We chatted within 10 days of me signing up, him 3 months. Our first meeting was an afternoon coffee date. Dave says it was love at first sight. I instantly felt a connection. He was more handsome in person. Next we met a week later and walked the river trail for our first date and saw a movie. 8 months later we were married. We both were honest on our profiles. Camping, a love of food, a love of family, and our deep spiritual connection are still the things that make us a perfect match. We feel God used Zoosk to bring us together.”

Zoosk Success #2: Ray & Rachel

On their first date, Ray could already feel himself falling for Rachel. He sent Zoosk a touching account of their first meeting and the romantic evening, complete with some bonus dating tips!

“I truly hope this inspires someone who is seriously looking for a life partner. We all know the dating scene (at least I’ll assume so if you’re reading this) and how it can be a NIGHTMARE. At times, it can feel hopeless; so much time and energy goes into learning about people just to be let down time and time again. When I liked the profile and messages of my now girlfriend for the first time, I had ZERO expectations. Matter of fact it was approximately 3 weeks after she read my first message before she even responded, so needless to say I figured I’d never hear from her, which isn’t unusual with online dating. No harm, no foul, cool. But then she messaged me, and we started talking. A few weeks, messages went back and forth, and we exchanged numbers and had our first phone call. It went really well, and immediately I felt like we could relate on such a deep level.”

“I finally talked her into going out on a date with me, but she made me work for it and wait. I had just got done dating someone who played the waiting game with me, and I almost quit talking to this “new” interest. However, my previous experiences from meeting and talking with women on Zoosk allowed me to learn that just because a conversation doesn’t “feel” like this person is worth it, doesn’t mean they aren’t. I’ve made some really good connections actually on Zoosk, but none were it for me. So I figured I’ll give it a chance. We met at a fun place that had games, bowling, a pool, pizza, and drinks, somewhere where there was no stress, and we could laugh and see how we operated together. We ate dinner there first, and the waitress seemed a bit disgusted because each time she would come to take our order, we were so lost in conversation already we lost sight of the food.

“As we talked and got to know each other, the food finally came, and I asked if she would like to pray with me. She nearly teared up in joy as it turned out we were both practicing Christians. By the time we were done with dinner, I had completely fallen in love with this amazing, beautiful, DEEP woman. Now I know what most of you might think, “yea, yea, you were just lusting over her, too good to be true,” etc… Believe me, I told myself how crazy it was because I’ve lived enough to know that doesn’t just happen and those feelings “take time” to build. Yes, they do take time to grow and build on, most certainly, but it was as if this beautiful love was already there, just waiting for us to acknowledge it. I actually met her with a single rose and a single sunflower (her favorite flower is the sunflower, and mine is the rose; it represented a part of each of us) and also a homemade card with a poem in it. The poem read: “Yay! This is our first date, and I hope it goes great! Your personality has put me in a nice state, and who knows might even be a mate? So let’s not wait, because your time and effort I truly appreciate! Also, you look great! How would I know beforehand, you may think? Oh dear don’t be silly, I knew when I’d see you I’d never even want to blink! So let’s go and have a good time, and who knows, we may find something divine!

“I felt compelled to do these things for her because, as an artist that she is, I knew she would have an appreciation for such a gesture. I believe she was really blown away as no one has ever done that for her before, she exclaimed! By dinner’s end, I knew I had completely fallen in love with this beautiful woman, not just her, but her soul, who she was; the looks were just a bonus, but what was really important was the chemistry and what type of person someone was inside.

“We played some games and had a BLAST; we were there until about closing time. Out in the parking lot, we shared a kiss before saying goodbye, and it felt different. We both knew we would be seeing each other again very soon, and we did. Although it was scary, it felt so natural, where we could sit in silence from the beginning, and nothing needed to be said; we just knew. Might I add we are both empaths as well, so that made our relationship even more beautiful? We were closing places down everywhere we went for a date. On our third or fourth date, I couldn’t hold back anymore and told her how I felt; the feelings were mutual, and it was such a happy time (and still is!). Our families quickly accepted each other, and we all got along amazingly. We now live together and are building something far more beautiful than either of us could have ever imagined. We have plans of getting married in the future. We are truly blessed; our communication is amazing, and our love and support for each other have been unwavering.

“It now makes sense why we had to go through all those “duds” and heartbreaks; it prepared us for each other, so if you are frustrated with dating, don’t give up; think of what you do want instead of what you don’t, and remember each date is a step closer to the love of your life! Thank you, Zoosk, for allowing me to share the start of our amazing life journey with all. I truly hope this inspires someone to know it is possible to find your match!!!”

Zoosk Success #3: Marie & Beau

Marie and Beau both had quite different upbringings but found common ground on Zoosk, and they’re finally living happily ever after! Marie shared their Zoosk success story:

“After 3 years of lonely life due to a very painful divorce, my partner and I were hopeless to find true love. We both have been on dating apps but Zoosk was the one that made the difference. It is still crazy to think that two souls from two different parts of the world could have lived such similar experiences. Beau was the one who sent me his phone number. I was a little hesitant, so I gave him a call. He sounded so friendly and made me feel at ease especially because I come from Mauritius and was a bit intimidated speaking to an Aussie guy. There was an instant chemistry because I must admit I had never met such a perfect gentleman. We went out on a few dates. Now we are a family! 

“Beau and I, both have two children. We spent Christmas 2019 together. When I look back we started chatting in March 2019, dated for a bit and it was not long after that I was introduced to Beau’s two beautiful daughters. I moved in with them in July 2019! We love each other to the moon and back and are inseparable now! We are making future plans and are soon going to apply for a partner visa in Australia!! Zoosk has been the best platform for us and I wish that others find true love just like we did!!! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Zoosk!! We will surely recommend to friends and family.”

Zoosk Success #4: Kevin & Bailey

It’s unclear who sent the initial “like,” but Bailey and Kevin are now engaged and seem destined for each other. Kevin said this to Zoosk:

“Well, it started when she sent me a like, or I sent her one; we aren’t sure about that part lol, we talk about it often, but regardless we decided to meet after talking for over a month or so. I feel we both knew there was a great connection and chemistry, and when we met, I was so nervous I talked, but it was like I couldn’t say what I wanted, and she was just so beautiful and outgoing, I was just in a daze just looking at her and it went pretty well.

“Anyway, we are now living together, all of our things are together, we just do everything together, and we work so well. We both feel God knew what he was doing having us find each other, and thanks to the help of Zoosk, that was the outlet that brought us together; I have never been so happy in my entire life. I love this girl to the moon and the stars and back, and we just cherish each other so much it’s crazy, and I absolutely love it.”

Zoosk Success #5: Jane & Paul

Paul never imagined he’d find someone as wonderful as Jane on a dating app, yet that’s exactly what happened. In his own words to Zoosk:

“A few chats first and due to being very busy the first meeting was very odd. I had my boy with me all week so we met in a softplay centre so we could chat while he played. No stress and because we had chatted first it was easy to get a good conversation going. That was 5 months ago and everything since then just went from strength to strength. So pleased I tried Zoosk as was not expecting to meet such a nice lady on a dating site and for her to be in my city. Good luck in your search people, don’t give up and make sure you talk first so you have a good idea of who you are meeting.”


You heard it straight from the horses (we mean the happy couples) that love is in the air on the Zoosk dating site! 

Whether you are looking for a long-term, serious relationship or someone to date casually, the Zoosk dating app can help you get to your dating endgame. If you want to give it a whirl, who knows; maybe one day you’ll be the one writing in to share your romantic happy ending!

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