Christian First Dates | Planning a Memorable and Meaningful Experience with Your Dating App Match


If you’re a Christian, you know the importance of leading in everything with love and respect. As you’re going into the world of online dating, that importance has never been more highlighted or necessary. 

Many Christians have a lot of pressure placed on their shoulders when they’re entering the dating world because they know what they need to be able to present themselves in a way that is honoring to God, honoring their date, and honoring themselves. 

Because of all of this pressure that is often put on them, it makes things that are already extraordinarily nerve-wracking and somewhat terrifying even more so. 

That’s why it’s nice to have some help when it comes to thinking of ideas for a great first date when you’re a Christian. Not to mention, everyone could stand to add a little creativity and excitement to our dating lives, whether they’re on a first date or not. 

But if you’ve been worried about how to impress your dates while trying to think of a spectacular first date idea, then we want you to be able to settle in, relax, and breathe. We’re here for all of your dating concerns, and today, that means helping you think of the perfect first date. 

Best First Dates for Christians

If you’re stuck thinking about how to make a memorable and meaningful first date, that’s completely normal. Unfortunately, many of the good ideas have already been taken, and you’re not always going to be able to find the perfect original first date. 

That being said, there are two crucial details that you must include when you’re going on a first date. 

One is to have fun and take the pressure off yourself. No one wants to date a stick in the mud or a worrywart. Suppose you spend the entire first date worried about how it will go or what might happen. You’re going to get too in your head about all of the details, and not only will you not enjoy your date, but the person you’re going out with probably won’t enjoy it either. 

Another ingredient that we suggest you add to your first date is effort. It doesn’t matter if the two of you are walking your dog down the road or going to the fanciest restaurant in the world. You must put the proper amount of effort and care into your first date to make it enjoyable for you and your date. 

And effort doesn’t equate to money or extravagance. You can spend thousands of dollars on one date, and it still might seem like you didn’t put any effort in if you feel removed from the date or it doesn’t seem personal to your companion. 

It’s important on the first date that you make the person you’re going out with feel special, seen, and heard. Have enough conversations with your potential partner before you make a date so that you’ll know what matters to them and try to make your date reflect that knowledge. 

By tailoring a date to your person’s specific wants and desires, you’re showing them that you care about them and are willing and able to put effort into the relationship from the beginning.

Now, after we’ve given you some inspiration for what your first dates should have, here are some ideas for the perfect first date. 

1. Go to a Bookstore and Pick Out a Book That Illustrates Who You Are and One That Shows Your First Impression of Your Date.

This is such a cute idea for a first date because it is casual and fun, and the two of you can laugh about how you see or think about each other right off the bat, but you can also learn a lot about each other based on the books that you’ve each chosen to illustrate your lives. 

2. Go to a Coffee Shop and Order Something off the Menu That Makes You Scared — Bonus Points if You Decide to Order It for Your Date.

We love a casual coffee shop date for the first date because it takes much of the pressure off of having to dress up and sit for hours for dinner. Instead, you can easily and naturally extend your coffee shop date, specifically if you want to order another drink. But if the date is dying down, you can leave at any point without it being awkward or obvious. Plus, coffee shop dates are so casual and low-pressure, which is precisely the kind of atmosphere that you want to be in when you’re on a first date.

3. Take Advantage of the Seasons of Growth and Blooms and Go to a Farm or a Field and Pick Some Produce or Flowers!

It’s springtime, and everything is growing and blossoming! Take advantage of the season and make it into a date. Look up local farms or gardens you and your date can visit and pick some flowers or veggies if allowed. This is not only a wonderfully original and seasonal date idea but also a beautiful one that you’ll remember forever. 

4. Go to a Board Game Bar or Cafe.

Add some competition to your date and go to a board game cafe or a bar. These are unique spaces where you and your date can have fun, but you can also get into the competitive spirit with each other. Board games are a great first-date idea because they do a fantastic job of breaking the ice and forcing the conversation forward

5. Get outside and Go on a Hike or for a Walk.

Getting outside and being active on a first date is always a good idea. It takes away the pressure of the two of you sitting across from each other and trying to think of something to say. Getting outside and active will get your blood flowing, and soon, the conversation will flow as well. It can also be fun to cross a workout and a date off your list simultaneously. 

6. Exchange Evening Dates for a Dawn Date and Go Grab Coffee with Your Match.

One of our favorite dating trends that have emerged in the past year is dawn dating. The idea of dawn dating is to move what would typically be a date in the evening or late afternoon to the morning. This makes a date more casual and makes people not have to stress out over their date all day. Instead, they just wake up and go. You can also experiment with new date ideas that you might not have been able to do if you had stayed with the typical nighttime date. 

7. Cook Dinner Together

This might be a little intimate for the first date, but it’s also a charming idea and memory that the two of you could share. Instead of going out on the town, getting dressed up, and going somewhere that might not have the most comforting atmosphere, keep it casual and cook at one of your homes! Of course, if one of you has roommates or if the two of you hate cooking, this is not the date for you. But if cooking is one of your passions and this idea sounds fun, give it a try!

8. Try a Local Class Together.

There are so many local events that everyone’s town or community puts on. Do a bit of research and find a class that appeals to you and your partner. This could be anything. Many local theatre companies or dance companies put on swing and salsa dancing classes, which could be a really special experience. If you’re not one for dancing, there are usually a number of other available courses. 

9. Get Creative! Go to a Painting Class or a Pottery Class. Make Sure to Get Your Hands a Little Dirty.

This date idea goes along with local classes, but if one or both of you are creative and love to work with your hands, it might be good for you to go to an art class and create something together. Art is a form of therapy, and it’s a way for you to stay busy and not have to worry about what your date is thinking or feeling. Instead of worrying about anything, you can have fun and let your creative juices flow. 

A Final Word of Advice

No matter what you choose to do for your first date, we want to leave you with one parting world of advice and with something to remember — first dates and dating, in general, ought to be fun. 

Yes, you’re going to have a few natural cases of nerves when you’re thinking about how to plan your date or what all your date might entail, but we want you to be able to let go of your fears and your worries and let your hair down a bit and enjoy this time getting to know your new match. 

We’re rooting for you, and we’re on your side. Here’s to the best first date ever!

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