About Megan MacGregor

Favorite Relationship Quote

“In life it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.”

Megan MacGregor is a freelance writer who calls Orlando, Florida home. She understands that relationships are not a Disney movie, and as a result approaches dating as an experiment that allows her to learn more about the human race.

As the daughter of an astrologer, she can relate to the skepticism surrounding the zodiac and only became a believer after reading her mother’s astrology books as research to write for the zodiac section of this blog. Now it’s impossible for her to meet someone without trying to predict their sun sign. (As a Virgo, she’s too analytical not to.)

Megan has ghostwritten nine fiction novels, all in the romance genre. This has given her an in-depth understanding of the unrealistic expectations that books and movies create and perpetuate when it comes to finding THE ONE. Her controversial opinion is that Love, Actually is a horror movie.

Unfortunately, Megan is also a hopeless romantic who still believes that love exists. She is fond of putting embarrassing photos of herself on dating apps and has learned from experience that the more cringe-worthy, the more right swipes she gets. Oh, the benefits of being a woman.

She aims to write honest, relatable blog posts that pull back the curtain on dating while also showing the importance of keeping those rose-colored glasses by your bedside. Spoiler alert: You’ll need them when your beer goggles disappear.

Megan is single.

Megan’s Dating App Advice

  • Vet your date. If there are only group photos, you might be getting catfished. Ask for their number and last name, and then google them to confirm their identity. If they’re married, take screenshots, find their partner on Facebook, and well… You know what to do.
  • Tell your friends everything. Share your location on your first date. Your uncertainties and potential red flags. And if you get an unwarranted, ‘you know what’ pic, copy and paste it into your most ruthless group chat, screenshot their reactions, and return it to sender.
  • When you meet in person, and your date is twenty years older than their dating app photos, don’t be afraid to call them out–after they buy you a round of drinks.
  • If you’ve met someone spectacularly incredible, wait a month before you delete the apps. It’s okay if you don’t like to talk to multiple people simultaneously, but remember that it might not work out with the stranger you’re in lust with.
  • On that note, if you don’t know their middle name, you haven’t found the one.